{Blogger of the Month} Adore: How to Love Blogging Again

by Kari Scott on February 2, 2015

     I’m so excited to have Marjorie from A Pinch of Healthy here with us for the whole month of February talking Adore. Please give her a great ALWB welcome! Thank you so much for being our Blogger of the Month and apart of our wonderful Alabama Women Blogger Community!
-Kari, Editor for ALWB


With the theme for February being “Adore,” and the audience being bloggers…I knew what I wanted my first post to be about – blogging!

Most of us got into blogging because we LOVE it. We love reading other blogs, love creating, love expressing, etc.

How I Started Blogging

I started my blog after the birth of my son. I needed help processing all of those new mom emotions, and I needed a creative outlet for myself.

I blogged about the mom stuff, but I also talked a lot about my quest to lose the baby weight. My blog gradually morphed into more of a healthy food blog, and that is where I found my sweet spot.

From there I have worked hard to develop more recipes and learn how to take better photographs. From those efforts I have watched my blog grow, which is so exciting and motivating!

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Combatting Blogger Burnout

If you have been blogging for any amount of time, though, you know you might go through some spells where it just doesn’t seem all that enjoyable sometimes.

Maybe you’re stressed about how you are going to check off ALL the things on your never-ending to-do list.

Maybe you’re inspiration well has run a little dry, and you don’t feel the new ideas flowing.

Maybe you’ve caught a case of the “Blogger Blues,” where it seems like ALL the other bloggers are nailing it, and you are just….well…NOT.

How to Adore Blogging Again

So today I am offering a few practical tips/ reminders to help bring the LOVE for blogging back! Believe me, I am not perfect. And these are reminders for myself as much as anything.

1. Take some regularly scheduled “unplugged” time to be fully present with the ones you love.

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Oh man, I need to work on this. If I have unfilled time, it is such habit to grab my phone and cruise through Facebook or Instagram. I am making it a goal to do one day a week free of internet and any “screens.” This is harder than you might imagine, but necessary.

It is so easy to get caught up in Virtual World. If you are a blogger, it may seem to your loved ones that they have to share you…like you always have one foot in Virtual World.

It can be refreshing (to both you and your loved ones) to shut it all off for a bit and just go live your life.

Ironically, I find that when I do this…it sparks the creativity in me. I seem to have more ideas and inspiration when I am just doing something fun and un-blog-related.

2. Organize, prioritize and schedule all blogging tasks.

I am making this a priority right now. If we can be a little more structured with our time, we will make the best use of it. Here are a few examples:

  • Log out of all email & social media when you are working on a blog post.
  • Schedule time for social media tasks, and cut it off when your time is up.
  • Schedule time for checking email.
  • Set a timer on your phone to limit your time on one specific task

3. Read/ subscribe to a few blogs outside of your niche.

This is so helpful to me. There for a while I was reading only food blogs. It is refreshing to have some variety in there.

Plus – You can get some really great ideas from great bloggers in other niches! A lot of their ideas may translate to your niche.

4. Spend time with real life friends who don’t care about blogging.

This is a big one! Make it a priority to find some buddies who are just not that into the blogging thing. It will force you to talk about something other than blogging, and it is just good for the soul. Relish those relationships!

Well, those are a few tips to (hopefully) help you avoid blogger burnout and adore blogging again. If you have any tips, be sure and share in the comments!

Marjorie is a food blogger, recipe developer, coffee lover, newbie food photographer and mom who lost 55 pounds with clean eating and Weight Watchers. Her mission is to make healthy enjoyable, and she blogs at http://www.apinchofhealthy.com.


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Kari Scott

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Kari Scott is the editor for Alabama Women Bloggers and can also be found at RaisedSouthern.com where she talks about life as A Southern Mom and Wife, DIY Crafts, Recipes, and much much more!
Kari Scott
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Kari Scott is the editor for Alabama Women Bloggers and can also be found at RaisedSouthern.com where she talks about life as A Southern Mom and Wife, DIY Crafts, Recipes, and much much more!

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Shelia @ House of Highlands February 3, 2015 at 1:33 am

Hi Marjorie!
I enjoyed your post about blogging! I work full time and in my spare time, I blog. I do love it but you are so right, sometimes I just need to step away and spend time with the family! I look forward to hearing more from you this month!

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