Blogger of the Month – I Want it That Way

by Kathryn Lang on March 13, 2017

Blogger of the Month

Sometimes you just want it that way because that’s the way you want it.

I like my mornings. I did NOT come out of the womb that way – but mornings have grown on me. Each year, I look forward to the rising sun making it over the mountains before my sons make it out of the bed.

It is my time – and I want it that way.

The morning quiet gives me time to do my Bible study without interruption and to prepare for the day. The focus makes it easier for me to get more done.

The government has different plans. It seems every year the clip away at my morning time – this year the “government steals my morning” felt like it came the day after the government finally gave me my mornings back.

It’s not fair and it’s not nice.

I could rant about not liking the morning stealing time change. I could protest and write letters. What I have discovered is that if I continue to do what I can do, where I am with what I have, then I begin to adjust to everything THEY throw at me.

And I have more time to adjust because I didn’t invest all my extra time into the protests letters and signs.

I like plans. I put great effort into my White Board of World Domination and my Focus Folder each year. I create impressive chore charts, menus, and even school schedules to keep us moving in the right direction each day.

The focus makes the next step easier – and I want it that way.

The plans make it easier for me to choose between actions or to say no when necessary. The schedules posted around the house make it possible for everyone to see, at a quick glance, what is expected and what is needed.

My family often has different plans. I live in a house full of men – each with a distinct cleaning and planning style completely unlike my own. Every time they walk past the schedule and ask me “what’s for dinner” I want to run screaming from the house.

It’s not right and it’s not nice.

I could complain that they are difference, but they will still be different. The jobs get done in their way and their schedule. I make the choice to do what I can do with my schedules and focus on those actions and let the rest of the chips fall where they man (some days this is a literal description of my life).

I want a lot of things a certain way. I have often said if THEY would just ask my opinion then it would all run much smoother. THEY don’t care what I think, and that’s okay. I am not responsible for how THEY act, or for how the world runs.

I am responsible for what I do and who I become and how those choices effect and affect the people around me.

And I want it that way.

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Kathryn Lang

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