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By joining Alabama Women Bloggers, you help us to increase our connection power with individuals and companies around the state of Alabama. This enables us to connect you to cool deals and opportunities. Joining will also help you to become connected with like-minded women and bloggers in your region and the entire state. We will be planning meetups, get-togethers, conferences and lots of fun activities. By joining, you are also eligible to guest post for us which can help drive more traffic to your own blog. Alabama Women Bloggers is a place for you to Gather, Grow and Connect!

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We want to keep an updated list of the Alabama Women Bloggers so from time to time we will cull through the list to determine if we have any inactive bloggers. The policy is that if a blog is inactive for two months, we will first attempt to contact you to inquire your status. Otherwise, the inactive blog will be removed from the directory. Inactive means that no posts have been published for two months consecutively. Any blogs that are removed are certainly eligible to reapply once they become active again. In addition, blogs must be available for reading. If the blog is password protected or invite only, it is ineligible for listing on ALWB.